Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eighteen Percent!

Last night I attended a meeting of the Gabriola Transportation Committee as a representative of GGBP. A lot of great ideas were tossed around and results of the recent Transportation Survey were presented. There was one statistic that I found amazing: 18% of respondents use a bicycle for everyday transportation (errands, commuting, socializing, etc.). Copenhagen is the bikingest place on the planet at 33% but they have considerable infrastructure in place (bike lanes, bike parking/storage facilities, bikes-only streets, etc.) not to mention a century or more of bicycle history and culture. Without any of these things, a significant number of Gabriolans are already using a bicycle for something other than recreation. The goal of the Gabriola Green Bikes Project is to increase that number by making bikes available to anyone who needs one short-term and by increasing bicycle awareness at every opportunity.

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