Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Green Bike Stories

I had to travel the day after Fall Fair which was when we put out the new fleet of Green Bikes. 10 days later, my wife picked me up at the ferry and one of the first things I saw was a GB parked in our neighbourhood, waiting for its next rider. Later that afternoon, I saw a kid riding away from The Village on a different GB. Obviously the bikes were being ridden.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. Someone knocks on our door and it's our friend Steve who happens to be a serious runner. He had the kickstand of a GB in his hand and a smile on his face. He'd been out on his morning run when he started feeling faint and a tad nauseous. He was a long way from home and thought he'd have to hitchhike back to his place. He sat down to collect himself and when he started looking around, lo and behold, there was a Green Bike just across the street (he was out at the end of Berry Point). Feeling somewhat better, he mounted the bike and rode it to my house. The kickstand fell off along the way but he was nonetheless very happy to have had the bike handy to get him home (he lives just around the corner from us).

Got a Green Bikes story? Let me hear it.

Thanks to all who have helped make this happen.


Anonymous said...

Hey, leave some contact info so people who might be inclined to help or send money could arrange to do that. Leave it on THIS page, not on some obscure personal contact site. Not sure if that other page has been updated recently but no one I talk to is getting any responses from it.

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